Monday, February 2, 2009

A Perfect End to Football Season

I love watching football. I think it's the speed, passion and intensity with which the game is played that draws me in. There's always something exciting going on, and it not only does it require extensive skills and talent, but focus, drive and a strong team mentality in order to really succeed.

I simultaneously love and hate the Super Bowl. I love that it's (hopefully) the best of the league meeting on football's biggest stage. There's no best of seven, no next game to redeem yourself, it's all or nothing. I hate that the Super Bowl signifies the end of football season, and the beginning of more than half a year of football-less life.

After being tremendously emotionally invested in last year's game, and incredibly depressed and upset by the outcome (guess who I root for?), it was nice in a way to have no real investment in this year's match up. All I wanted was a good game. No blowouts, just two teams fighting it out to be #1. I got exactly what I wanted. It was a fantastic game! And even though I'm sad today because football season is over until the Fall, last night's game was a great ending. Congrats Steelers!

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