Friday, January 30, 2009

The Amazing World of Electronics and Internet

I've been talking with a few of the execs here to learn more about their history, and how they ended up at CPX. It's so amazing to think about just how much the Internet has changed and developed in my lifetime. I know I sound like an old fogey, but think back to your teenage years or's just crazy the advances that have been made.

It's interesting though how the younger generations tend to take this technology for granted. They can't imagine a world without Internet, Facebook, iPods, smartphones, and cell phones. Who knows what the future will hold? I just hope it doesn't get to the point where people don't have real conversations anymore. If you saw Wall-E, you know what I'm talking about. Yeah, technology is great, and without it, we would have a lot harder time keeping in touch with people who we don't see every day. With friends who are across the country and around the world right now, I'm so grateful for IM, e-mail, and web cams.

But, I don't ever want to get to the point where I'm so engrossed in my technological world that I forget about the importance of human contact. There is nothing like a face to face conversation or a hug from a friend. Every time I feel like I've been glued to the computer screen for too long, I just think about those people in Wall-E who sat in their chairs all day with their digital screen in their face, and didn't even know there were other people all around them. What a horrible tragedy it would be if that actually happened in our world.

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