Thursday, February 19, 2009

TIME Magazine's Top 25 Blogs 2009

This week, TIME Magazine released it’s second annual ranking of the world’s top blogs. The list includes a wide variety of sites, large and small, personal and company run, serious and funny, old and new. As a personal blogger, and admin of CPX Interactive blogs, I wanted to see what a blogger has to do to receive such an honor as Top 25. I learned that multimedia is key. In this interactive age, photos and videos are a must. Each of these blogs is unique, and each has a clear message and purpose behind it. Some of them have some pretty witty tag lines, too. So, whether you blog for yourself or your company, or don’t blog at all, these 25 are worth a look.

Check out my post on the CPX blog to read more about “the best of the blogosphere.”

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