Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Amazing World of Twitter

Twitter, like blogging, was something that I thought was really cool, but never thought I would be able to get into. Today I am officially saying that I was wrong... again. I have joined the thousands who "tweet," and it's pretty awesome. I never felt like I could post anything serious as my Facebook status, and I was always cautious of going overboard with status updates. One of the great things about Twitter, is that constant updates are greatly encouraged. It's also been a helpful networking tool for us at CPX Interactive. We have a company Twitter, and I've been tweeting on my feed about things I'm doing here and posting links.

It's amazing who you can find on Twitter. From the President and VP, to friends from high school and college, to celebrities, to non-profit organizations, to sports teams...I'm currently following, President Obama, the (unofficial feed of the) New England Patriots, Save Darfur, Pat McGee, and Facebook, just to name a few. It's quite the combination! So, if this blog's not enough info and you want to know what I'm doing at all times (I know you do! LOL), follow me.

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